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Anaesthetics – Educational opportunities

Worthing Department of Anaesthetics is a well-established Anaesthetic training facility training Anaesthetic trainees at all career stages (Core, Intermediate, Higher & Advanced).

Each trainee is allocated an Educational Supervisor who is responsible for the training provided including the setting up of educational agreements, regular reviews of progress and the Educational Supervisors Structured Report (ESSR) at the end of the attachment. All Educational Supervisors have completed either the Quality Educational Supervisor Programme or the local prescribed Educational Supervisor training provided by the Royal College of Physicians. The completion of Work Place Based Assessments (WPBAs) and modular paperwork is the responsibility of the trainee. Every support will be provided in ensuring completion as appropriate, including introductory training on the Anaesthetic eportfolio. It is paramount that trainees complete WPBAs throughout their time rather than at the last minute.

Novice anaesthetists are fully supervised until they gain the Initial Assessment of Competence certificate as laid down by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (usually within 2-3 months). The 3 month Core intensive care module will occur after 6 or 9 months of anaesthetic training.

Modular training is provided according to training stage following the training programmes of Core, Intermediate, Higher and Advanced as laid down by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Full details are available on the college website www.rcoa.ac.uk. The college site also contains much useful information for anyone considering a career in Anaesthesia. Additionally, trainees are encouraged to gain experience in specialist pre-assessment Anaesthesia Clinics and in cardiopulmonary exercise testing. We also provide Higher Pain Training and an Advanced Peri-operative Care Module.

There are separate weekly half-day teaching programmes for all trainees catering for the Primary and Final FRCA exams. These sessions follow the syllabus of each respective exam and all trainees are expected to take turns to research and present topics as well as contribute during the interactive tutorials. There is additionally a separate weekly teaching for Intensive Care Medicine, which includes a Journal Club to present and discuss recent ICM papers of interest.

Worthing Department of Anaesthetics has an excellent track record in producing tangible research outputs in a variety of areas, producing and submitting work as abstracts for presentation at national meetings, together with publications in peer reviewed journals on a regular basis since 2008. We have also presented our work internationally in Australia, South Africa, and Continental Europe. Over 100 individual articles produced by the Department can now be cited online.

More information is available on the PGME website: http://pgme.info/doctors/specialties/anaesthetics

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