Anaesthetics – Shift practice and rota

There are 30 trainees and non-trainees covering the three tiers of on-call rotas. We run a full shift with 10 on each rota. On occasion the Obstetric and ITU rotas are reduced to 1 in 9. These on-call working patterns satisfy the constraints of the EWTD and from the new junior doctors’ contract (from August 2017). We feel that the department provides excellent training opportunities as we can provide modular training on the normal working day weeks of the rota.

Inevitably with the shift system you will be required to do short blocks of nights and long days. The rota is designed to ensure that there is a suitable skill mix in house on call covering the Critical Care Unit, Delivery Suite and CEPOD Theatre work, while complying with training requirements. Additionally trainees always have access to Consultant support within 30 minutes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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