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Medicine – Shift practice and rota

CMT trainees will be part of the EWTD-compliant rota. The rota is designed to ensure that trainees have exposure to managing ward referrals and interface with A&E and other specialties. The medical junior rota is coordinated to provide adequate ward-cover to allow trainees to attend clinics where available as well as ensuring safety on the wards.

Normal day working hours are 9am-5pm. After an on-call trainees should arrive at 8.30am to present their cases on the PTWR. Night shift starts at 9pm and finishes after the Post-take ward round, usually by 10am.

On call:
An on-call day runs from 9am to 10pm with handover to the night team starting at 9 pm.  The on-call staffing varies depending on the time of day, but the team is primarily made up from 1xSpR, 2xSHO or FY2, 2xFY1. The night team is 1xSpR, 1xSHO or FY2 and 1xFY1

Out of hours:
The out of hours rota is covered by CMT trainees on a 1 in 14 rolling rota. Including weekends and nights.


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