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Ophthalmology – Educational opportunities

Every Monday am we host in house half day teaching sessions that are used to aid trainees with their study. The different formats used for this session include Grand Rounds, Case Presentations, Video Symposiums, and Guest Lectures. The aim of this teaching session a curriculum mapped approach covering all Ophthalmic subspecialty’s. Junior’s take a full role in this both in terms of presentations, and helping patients to attend the Grand Rounds.

This is considered as part the training and will not need to be deducted for study leave. The London KSS of Ophthalmology run a 15 day regional study course, there is one held in Worthing. ST1’s are eligible to go to these however it will need to be deducted from study leave.

Within our centres we have the equipment to set up Wet Lab training using high quality durable anatomical heads with a range of simulated eye products that allow a variety of simulated eye surgery which includes both basic and complicated cataract surgery as well as other common eye procedures.

Other facilities available to help trainees with their study are the library at the WHEC, the Ophthalmology department itself also has its own library with textbooks specific to the specialty. E-Portfolio is an online program that assists with the trainees’ assessments and progress. Other doctors will also assist trainees in their study, along with the teaching sessions that run intermittently throughout the year.

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More information is available on the PGME website: http://pgme.info/doctors/specialties/ophthalmology/

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