Western Sussex Hospitals have joined up with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to form a new NHS Foundation Trust for our area: University Hospitals Sussex.

You can keep using this website for information about St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands hospitals but for our other sites and to find out more about the new trust please visit www.uhsussex.nhs.uk.

Surgery – Educational opportunities

There are specialty teaching sessions, teaching on post take ward rounds, monthly Clinical Governance meetings to allow for morbidity and mortality discussions and Regional Training Days to attend. WHEC provides multiple training opportunities including a Simulation Suite

Formal teaching:

  • Tuesday – 1-2pm – Surgical F2 teaching led by the SpRs
  • Wednesday – 1-2pm – Surgical Journal club – F2s and SpRs rota’d to present. Good attendance from all grades. Discussion and critical appraisal encouraged.
  • Thursday – 1-2pm – Surgical MDT meeting – Core trainees have ample opportunities to present and discuss difficult cases
  • Friday – 2-5pm – Surgical Clinical Governance afternoons which includes Morbidity & Mortality meeting, x-ray meeting and audit presentations – teams allocated to present cases. When good attendance discussions good and learning points from cases highlighted.

There is ample opportunity to be actively involved in high quality research; we have a good record of presenting and publishing both nationally and internationally.

Consultants and other team members are very helpful in doing various assessments.

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More information can be found on the WHEC website at http://www.whec.info/local-faculty-groups/surgery

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