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Surgery – Shift practice and rota

A partially integrated full shift rota is worked between Surgery and Orthopaedics with a system of internal cover for annual and study leave. I.e. Trainees cover on call for their own specialty. Trainees work a week of nights split into 2 (Mon-Thurs and Fri – Sun) on a 1 in 13 week basis with compensatory rota compliant time off post nights. Trainees based in Surgery work 1 in 7 weekends (long days Friday to Sunday) with a post take ward round on the Monday morning followed by a rest day. Weekday long days are grouped together (Mon – Thurs) with a post take ward round on Friday morning. In Orthopaedics the same pattern is worked but on a 1 in 6 basis.

Our consultants will often check in later in the morning and go round again if necessary. Followed by ward jobs / office admin e.g. discharge summaries / theatres / clinic. Detailed rota will be provided by medical staffing, which is EWTD compliant (monitored regularly).

The work pattern and intensity of the rota for all specialties is regularly monitored by diary card exercises to ensure compliance with New Deal and EWTD guidance.

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