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Urology – Clinical work and support

Outcome of this training is completion of competencies in core Urology, with specialist training in upper tract laparoscopy, reconstructive urology and and stone disease available. There is no pelvic oncology.

Urology Registrar:

The timetable will include:

  •  A minimum of 3 supervised theatres sessions
  • “One stop” new patient clinic
  • Specialist stone, oncology and continence clinic
  • Consultant led ward round
  • Dedicated administration time


Urology SHO:

  • We offer exposure to a wide range of Core and Specialist Urological Surgery at WSHT.
  • There are weekly new patient “one stop” clinics where you’ll be able to see new urological presentations and have access to flexible cystoscopy and a variety of scans. 
  • Follow up clinics are spread throughout the week and we’d encourage attendance at the sub-specialist consultant clinics
  • You’ll be able to develop your leadership and training skills with the foundation doctors and Surgical Care Practicioners, and there are three teaching ward rounds per week
  • We’d hope that you’d attend three operating lists a week, with an aim to gain competency in independent cystoscopy, ureteric stenting and scrotal exploration by the end of the year to prepare you for your higher surgical training

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