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Anita Mackenzie

Anita Mackenzie

Public Governor: Arun District

“From 1959 to the present day I have worked or had a stay as a patient in hospitals in the UK and abroad.

I started as an apprentice Catering officer at the Brompton Chest Hospital in South Kensington. Thereafter, continuing to use my skills, in another three hospitals as a chef. Eight years working for the Surrey County Council as a Catering supervisor in school meals, when the meals were freshly cooked.

I have worked as a first Choice Villa representative in Portugal. Learning skills in selling, understanding people’s needs and how to administer to any problem sent my way. I was 62 years when I came back to United Kingdom and went to Scotland to live.

As I was too old to get employment in administration I took up the post as a mobile carer for 7 years. This took me along the road to seeing patients in medically trying situations. Strokes, cancer, post operative, invalidity, and palliative care, moving and handling. As I have a caring nature this gave me job satisfaction.

Since 1962 I had had t30 operations some only being procedures but still invasive.

My experience as an inpatient in Bahrain (married to services), Tenerife Restaurant owner, Villa Representative (Portugal), X House Kilmarnock for varies operations’, Louse Margaret Maternity, (Aldershot), Cambridge Military (Aldershot). Aldershot General, Fleet cottage hospital.”

To contact Anita Mackenzie, please email: governors@wsht.nhs.uk


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