Cllr Donna Johnson

Appointed Governor: Chichester District Council

“My background is in writing and journalism; I have also owned an English Language School, teaching people from around the world – it was an education! My husband and I have four children between us, two of whom are NHS frontline staff. Life circumstances brought me into a caring role which meant that I had to change direction. It was during this time that I became aware of the complex issues experienced by informal carers, those who look after relations and friends. I subsequently took over theĀ  Chair of a local Carers’ Charity, raising awareness of carers’ issues, from accessing respite care through to advocacy and guardianship. My ‘cared for’ is now 97, aiming for his century! I was elected to Chichester District Council in 2019; I’m deputy leader of a minority party which is not party political.”

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