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Professor Kate Galvin

Appointed Governor: University of Brighton School of Nursing and Midwifery

“Kathleen is a graduate of the University of Ulster (BSc Nursing Studies Adult Nursing) and while undertaking clinical nursing posts in older person care and acute vascular surgery completed a PhD in Nursing Studies at University of Manchester in 1997.

Before joining the University of Brighton, she held positions as Professor of Nursing Practice and Associate Dean Research, Enterprise and Scholarship at the University of Hull; Deputy Dean, Research and Enterprise, School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, and Professor of Health Research and Head of Research at the Institute of Health and Community Studies, Bournemouth University following a post of Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University.

She is currently Visiting Professor, School of  Caring Science, University of Boras, South West Sweden; Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, Memorial University, St John’s Newfoundland, Canada and Founding Chair European Academy of Caring Sciences.

Her current research programme explores peoples’ experiences of a range of health issues, and using phenomenological- oriented philosophy develop novel theoretical framework for caring practices. This includes contributions to new theoretical perspectives on well-being, suffering and humanising approaches to human services.

An important strand concerns the use of philosophy and the arts in developing insights that can lead practice. Outcomes include interdisciplinary projects and public engagement with science events and contributions to the ethics of care.”

Key publications:

Galvin, KT. & Todres L (2014) Dignity as‘Honour-Wound’: An Experiential and Relational View Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. Special Edition: Philosophy. Doi:10.1111/jep.12278.

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Borbasi S., Galvin K.T., Adams T, Todres, L., Farrelly, B. (2013) Demonstration of the usefulness of a theoretical framework for humanising care with reference to a residential aged care service in Australia. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22 (5-6) 881–889.

Ellis- Hill, C., Gracey, F., Thomas, S., Lamont- Robinson, C., Thomas, P., Marques, TMR., Grant , M., Nunn, S., Cant RP., Galvin, KT., Reynolds, F., Jenkinson, DF. (2015) ‘HeArt of Stroke’(HoS), a community based Arts for Health group intervention to support self-confidence and psychological wellbeing following a stroke: protocol for a randomized controlled feasibility study.BMJ Open Doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008888.

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To contact Kate Galvin please email: governors@wsht.nhs.uk


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