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Les Willcox

Public Governor: Chichester District

“Les Willcox- Chartered Engineer with 35 years’ experience in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. My early years were spent working on projects with a team of Engineers and Technicians on the development of designs for clients. As my career developed, I became a Senior Manager responsible for multi-discipline engineering teams and finally Director of Engineering. Being responsible for personnel did not only cover their job description, it sometimes included being a mentor to help them through a difficult period in their personal life outside the office. This can be very challenging. The responsibilities also included representing the company in the Governments Young Enterprise Scheme. I worked with local schools helping students prepare for university and employment on completion of their studies. The companies Graduate Training Scheme was an interesting part of the work and involved visiting universities to select suitable applicants for the engineering disciplines. I worked offshore and overseas for a number of years, mainly in Norway, USA and the Middle Eastern countries. This period was very interesting and involved working with multi-national teams. Meeting and working with teams of people throughout my career helped me develop my listening skills so that I could consider other people’s solutions to problems and not just focus on my own proposal. Therefore, the experience I could bring to the Board of Governors would be my years spent working as a team member, with people in various scenarios and the capability to consider all solutions to a problem.”

To contact Les Willcox, please email: governors@wsht.nhs.uk


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